Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pretty Vintage

Word must be getting out around my hometown that I like sewing, because the last time I visited, these beauties were lying on my bed!

According to my mother, a lady we know remembered she had these magazines and thought they might be of use to me. I couldn't believe my luck! Aren't they beautiful? I love the seagulls in particular. I knew they were old, (the "ninepence" price was a dead giveaway) but it wasn't until I leafed through some of the ads at the back pages that I got any exact dates - the oldest was January 1948! They're so funny to read through, with rather spiffing ideas for clothes...

Not sure about the crochet sandals, but I'll definitely be making this apron for myself. Though perhaps without the "garden spray". I am not an accomplished embroiderer, and I can't knit or crochet, but I love these magazines for the little glimpses into vintage fashion and culture they give. The most recent edition I have is also the largest one pictured, dating from January 1951. The reason for the increase in size, I discovered, was that rations from wartime had been lifted and they could afford to be a little more extravagant! Almost as interesting as the patterns are the advertisements. I had a wee chuckle when I spied "knitting news". Such lovely sleeveless jumpers, gents.


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