Saturday, 18 February 2012

Purrfect Party Nails

I've been browsing some nail art pics on the web and I want to do EVERYTHING AT ONCE! I had a go at "nebula" nails on my sister last week, but the sponge wasn't fine enough so it just looked like she'd been painting her furniture rainbow colours and not in a good way. I'll try it again on myself next week and hopefully it'll look a bit better! I've had a go at leopard print for the first time after seeing it on various blogs and beauty websites. What do you think?  Next time I'll use some less traditional colours.

Next on the list are these amazing "Peter Pan collar" nails from thebeautydepartment. I'm going to buy some reinforcers today and have a go. Will let me leopards have a wee run first though! As always, if anyone wants to donate their nails to my polish whims, I'll be eternally grateful.


  1. you can have a go on mine next time you're home!!! nebula looks class, if you want practice...

    1. sure! we can have a nail tea party next time i'm down :)

    2. This sounds fun. I never do my nails! Just give me a buzz :-)

  2. You better invite me to this tea party..


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