Friday, 28 September 2012

A Very Manly Dress

We're going to be very prepared for panto at the theatre this year! I've already made a dress for the dame. I'm not a huge fan of panto, so as it happens I wasn't fully aware that the dame is traditionally played by a man. And our annual dame is apparently quite... well built, shall we say. So this dress is HUGE. It's probably going to need to be jazzed up a good bit - apparently the tackier the better is the rule of thumb when it comes to panto. Think tinsel and frills.

Laying and cutting out the bodice and sleeve pieces

The finished product - the skirt is made of 3 squares of fabric, with lots of gathers at the waist

Costume changes and velcro are best friends

My workmate kindly modelled the dress for me so I could get a good idea of the finished look. He looks rather dashing, don't you agree? I learnt a lot from making this dress, especially concerning making gathers and stay stitching!

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