Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like panto!

The first pantomime performance of Jack and the Beanstalk is tomorrow night in Belvoir Players! I can't believe how fast it has crept up. Admittedly, panto has never really been a part of my Christmas festivities (I think I've possibly been once, when I was 8) but it's going to be fun seeing the costumes I've helped make on stage! A lot of work has gone into making the set as well as organising clothes for over a hundred children.

 This is one of my favourite costume pieces - volunteer Chris, an art graduate from UUBelfast, painted these amazing animals in UV paint on tshirts (there's also an owl, a dragonfly, and cat faces.) The kids will run about stage wearing these for the sequence where the beanstalk grows for the first time! The lights will all be UV - hence all the neon colours.

 Volunteers Chris and Rowena painted panels for the set, alongside my workmates Emma and Matthew; these will be mounted on three sided stands, which will be turned around for each scene change.

The beanstalk, in its collapsed form. It was a complicated process for the backstage crew engineering a mechanism that can be raised and climbed on, and also drop when "chopped down" at the touch of a lever. I made the black sack to bundle it neatly into, and the many neon leaves pictured.

 Fairy costumes for the young kids taking part in the show. The ribbons will light up in UV lights!

A dress I made for one of the "peasants".

Cutting out leaves. So. Many. Leaves.

Twelve chef hats were needed for a scene - don't ask me why!

And, of course, the obligatory sewing on of names to EVERYTHING. It pays to be organised, especially when so many people are involved.

I'll be down in the middle of everything tomorrow night, trying to get everyone dressed and ready to go on time. It's almost sold out, but limited tickets are available from Belvoir Players' website. I haven't forgotten about the cow suit either - I'll be putting it in a post all to itself!

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