Saturday, 25 May 2013

Craft Collective: Button Holes and Pleats

The good thing about our weekly craft get-togethers is that it's an incentive for me to finish my projects. I got the pleats finished for the skirt of my curtain dress...

We tried working out the bodice darts by pinning the fabric on to me (or rather, on to the t-shirt I was wearing!) but it proved a bit tricky.

I've decided to use a bodice pattern I made for a previous dress instead. I'll have to alter the neckline and move the seam to the back, but it means the darts will be a perfect fit.

We figured a waistband would break up the busy pattern of the fabric so I cut a strip of plain yellow cotton and sewed it in place.

Mel has been asking me to show her how to do buttonholes for ages so I finally got to teach her.

Fran has been busy knitting all week so my hat is beginning to look positively hat shaped! She really wants to learn to use the sewing machine so we'll be giving her a run through the basics next week.

I hope get my bodice cut and sewn as well! Can't wait to have a lovely new summer outfit.

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