Saturday, 1 June 2013

Craft Collective: Bowties and Boatnecks

This week's stitching meet wasn't as successful as others. Mel completely forgot about it, so it was just Fran and I for the evening.

Fran was making a bowtie for a dog, for a wedding. I really like this knit - it's called a seed (or moss) stitch. She ran out of wool so had to decide what to do instead. I suggested a contrasting colour for the collar would look good. 
She based it on this picture - I still can't get over the fact she can follow an image of a finished piece as if it's a pattern! 
If I had long hair this would make a cute hairband.

I got to work on the bodice for my dress. I took a pattern I had made for another dress and traced over it, leaving out a button stand and reshaping the neckline.

I made up a toile - a first draft, in cheap fabric so as not to waste anything in case you make a mistake. I got this fabric from a charity shop. It's good for toiles because it's a light cotton and easy to work with. Fran reckoned I could make a nice dress from it though...

In the end it was a good thing I went to the bother of doing a first draft. I'm not too happy with this neckline. I still have a lot to learn about shaping! 

I'll definitely have to have another go at this.

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