Saturday, 8 June 2013

Craft Collective: Field Trip

We met with the best intentions for this week's stitch'n'bitch. We really did. Well, you all know about good intentions and the road to hell... The lovely evening sun lured us out of the murky living room and into the Ormeau Park. We ate ice-cream, attempted to climb trees, and even tried out some of the new exercise equipment.

This photo just about sums up my feelings towards physical exertion.

When I'm not exercising in the park, I study a new course run by Generator in the Oh Yeah Centre: Managing A Music Business Enterprise. Last week we looked at the areas covered in the Northern Irish industry (with a focus on Belfast). The aim was to find where the gaps in the market were. Most things were well represented (venues, recording studios, promoters), but we found there was a lack in artist management companies, and also that public funding could potentially be put to good use in on-line media. 
Someone suggested the idea of a musicians' co-op for Belfast, which to me sounds like a fantastic concept.

There are so many interesting people studying alongside me - the group really represents a good cross section of the music industry, with songwriters, performers, managers, promoters, PR (me!) and record labels.

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