Thursday, 20 June 2013

Craft Collective: Sorting Scraps

I'm not sure where my time has disappeared to these days. I'm posting less regularly than I'd like! The fact I've started watching Breaking Bad from the first series has to be a total coincidence.

Not a lot of time for blogging has meant even less time for sewing. I haven't had a chance to look at the bodice for my curtain dress, and so it still sits half finished. I have an awful tendency to leave projects uncompleted - I really don't want that to be the case with this dress! 

At this week's stitch'n'bitch, Mel arrived with the veritable mother load of scrap fabric. If I was a patchwork  quilter I'd be in heaven. Even so, I really got excited at the cute floral cottons and started envisioning patch pockets left, right and centre.

We set about separating the polyester from the silks and random cuttings of upholstery fabric. Then, we sorted the cotton into sections according to pattern. 

Look at the cute Beatrix Potter fabric! The squirrel is my absolute favourite. 

Mel is thinking of making a patchwork blanket for a baby, while Fran wants to make a tote bag. As for myself, I think I might indeed make some of the cutest patch pockets known to humankind.

On a side note: I'm pretty excited about a music video we filmed for my band, The Salt Flats, last week. I'm dying to share the pictures in a behind-the-scenes blog RIGHT NOW (like I did for Travis Is A Tourist) but I best wait until it's finished. There's some pretty sweet costumes in it. We're filming a second video soon which I am just as psyched about!

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