Sunday, 22 September 2013

Culture Night Belfast and Fleetwood Mac

Last Friday I hit Belfast town for Culture Night. Our band The Salt Flats were playing a gig outside a new venue on Garfield Street. I've never seen the streets so filled with people. It was definitely busier than last year's celebrations. I know it's such a cliche, but it was reaffirming to see crowds on the streets of Belfast without the accompanying police entourage.

We played a song on Radio Ulster, and Katie and I had a wee chat with the presenter Kim Leneghan.

The next day I travelled down to Dublin with my friends Aoife and Jenny to see FLEETWOOD MAC! We met a couple of peeps for dinner in Counter Burger first. The ice cream sandwiches were beaut, but my belly really needs to tell my mouth when to stop eating...

 We walked off our food babies on the way to the venue. It was a gorgeous (summery, even!) evening. Aoife says that Dublin has the nicest skies and I'm inclined to agree with her.

Fleetwood Mac was a great, heaving hulk of a show. It started at half 8 and ended at 11, with two encores and several speeches. The band were clearly in no rush to get through the set (the first gig they've played since their U.S. tour ended two months ago). Like most bands who have been playing the same music for years, they had plenty of breakdowns, build-ups and solos. It was, at times, the Lindsey Buckingham show - but I didn't mind because he's still a babe, and Big Love was one of the highlights of night. 
Stevie Nicks was everything I expected: draped like a 70s lampshade and dancing like an eejit. She and Lindsey played a little on their old romance to please the crowd, but it made me feel a bit awkward and sorry for Stevie (especially after having seen the Don't Stop documentary). Landslide was beautiful, though, and a really sweet moment between the two of them. Most of the hits were on the setlist - opening with Second Hand News (I could have left then and been happy!), continuing with Tusk, Go Your Own Way, Don't Stop, Gold Dust Woman, Silver Springs, Sara, Rhiannon, Gypsy, Dreams, The Chain, Never Going Back Again... They finished with Say Goodbye, a ballad which I would have enjoyed a lot more if I wasn't sitting beside the biggest arsehole couple on the arena.

Here's a sub standard photo which in no way reflects how awesome a night it was, but it's Lindsey Buckingham x4 so I'm sharing it with you. Worth £60 a ticket in the end!

(Photos of Katie and I taken by our bandmate Richard)

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