Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Salt Flats Video Shoot: "Since Yesterday"

On a dry day in June, The Salt Flats and a film maker took themselves off to Belvoir forest in South Belfast to shoot a video for their version of the classic 1980s pop hit, "Since Yesterday".

Katie and I channelled our inner child as we traipsed through the mud and leaves, something which, as anyone who knows us would agree, was not all that much of a challenge. We followed a treasure map we quickly scribbled leaning on the top of Richard's car found on a tree. 

I wasn't brave enough to traverse this trunk. I didn't want to break my Super 8, of course...

We climbed ridiculously steep hills, crossed rivers, clambered around trees and jumped over ditches to get to the spot marked "X". 

It was a brilliant day, really. How often do you get to run around outside with your friends for six hours? 
That, and we also had wine.

You can watch the finished video for "Since Yesterday" here!

Thanks to Brian O'Kane for shooting the film, and Richard Hill for taking the photographs.

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