Monday, 30 September 2013

Video Shoots: Mickey McCullagh 16/07/13 & 18/07/13

This summer I was in another couple of videos besides The Salt Flats. My friend Mickey is finishing a solo album which I sang some backing vocals on, and he got a bunch of friends together to film the videos. 

Photo by Colm Laverty
This the first session group. We played live versions of a few album tracks and cover songs in the studio Mickey recorded the album at. It was during a heat wave and we were all dying after the first take - six musicians plus film crew in the sound tight (and seemingly airtight) recording room. Expect some very red faces in the finished videos...

We filmed the second video two days later in an artists' loft in the city centre. This was for one of the lead tracks from the album and required us to do a lot more jumping around. It's a typically Northern Irish observation, but the heatwave had not abated by this stage: ne'er were there a sweatier gang of musicians by the time it was over. We celebrated with a pint in The Hudson at the end.

All band pictures are stills from the second video, courtesy of Redcap Productions
I'll be sure to share the finished products with you when they're released!

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