Tuesday, 13 May 2014

That Time I Went to Brighton: Pt. 2

So while my computer feigns to defrag the disk drive, and while my nails dry (french mani with blue tips on LH and purple tips on RH) I will let you guys in on my shopping haul in Lovely Ole Brighton.

The Lanes truly are a thing of wonder - a colourful, kitsch haven for an individual such as myself. So much vintage tat I didn't know where to look! The vintage clothes admittedly didn't really wow me. Perhaps it's because I'm in a sewing phase but I found myself thinking a) that's way too expensive and b) I could probably make that.

Snoopers Paradise was a right find though. I was so overwhelmed by the utter volume of junk spread over a space about the size of two houses. Everything had a price sticker too, which made it a safe place with no unexpected crazy prices. I didn't buy much in the end, just a couple of patches to satisfy my current Moonrise Kingdom style fascination.

Oh yes, I found Moominpappa hanging about outside a shop which stocked an abundance of MOOMINS STUFF! I was in MOOMIN HEAVEN!

I also came across a cute Irregular Choice shop. I loved the cat heels on these shoes (they remind me of my first pet, Cinders) but they weren't quite right - I don't like wide peeptoes and wtf is that silver trim? I don't know if my taste is becoming more refined or if Irregular Choice have lost the plot slightly.

A few of my purchases...

1 / Moomins plate!
2 / Moomin Mamma's Magic Potion and vintage patches
3&4 / I discovered a shop called Tiger which is basically a cross between Ikea and Paperchase, only better. I'm developing a washi/coloured tape obsession... I'll let you into a secret: I love pretty wrapping on presents, so much so that I have a table in my landing specifically for wrapping gifts!
5 / A couple of fat quarters I picked up in a cute fabric shop, to give to the stitch'n'bitch girls who are starting to learn how to sew.

Grace x

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